On-site Private Cloud

The security perimeter, as demonstrated by the NIST On-site Private Cloud drawing, extends around both the on-site resources and the private cloud's resources.

The private cloud may be centralized at a single site or distributed over several sites with on-site resources possibly located at any of the sites.

The Challenge

Access to on-site resources of a private cloud, such as a database of sensitive information or a web server with downloadable proprietary data files, must be monitored and controlled. 

The CIS Solution

The SIPbiz.net boundary controller solution based on user's unique identification to monitor and control cloud resource access. A user is assigned a site specific user identity and it must be registered with the SIPbiz.net boundary controller by the site security administrator for the user to sign on to access the cloud resources.

A user is authorized to access a cloud resource, for example, a web server, when the user identity is registered and included in the access list of the resource. The user identity is removed from the cloud resource access lists if the user is to be blocked.

A user is not allowed to access the cloud resources directly. All access requests must be sent to the SIPbiz.net boundary controller which would validate the user's access right before forwarding the request. SIPbiz.net boundary controller blocks the unauthorized (not registered) user.

All information access and transfer within the cloud is granted, monitored and reported in real-time by the boundary controller.

Benefits and Capabilities

The SIPbiz.net deployment provides the site security administrator with methods to control the resources entrusted to the on-site private cloud such as a database with sensitive information.

SIPbiz.net boundary controller provides strong privacy protection using SIPbiz.net ID.  The ID is created by the security administrator and assigned to a user. A user is authorized to access on-site resources only if the security administrator registers the ID with the resources.  

SIPbiz.net's continuous monitoring application reports the real-time status of users' activities when they access the on-site resources.

Learn More

For additional information on how your organization can benefit from SIPbiz.net the On-site Private Cloud solution, please contact sipbiz@sipbiz.net.