Capabilities Statement

Company Data
  • Company:  SIPbiz LLC
  • Location:  Springfield, Virginia
  • Socio-economic: SDB 
  • CAGE code: 6S4P5
  • NAICS codes: 541511, 541512, 541519, 541690, 541712, 517919.

Cyberspace Identity System (CIS)

CIS enhances privacy and cybersecurity protection through mutual inclusivity connectivity.  Based on the standard PKI technology, CIS applies self-sign X.509 Certificate to:
  • create unique network-based user identity called Cyberspace Identity User (CIU)
  • build trusted communities of networks based on mutually agreed connectivity, while working together to exclude inappropriate membership and intruders
  • continuously monitor, take immediate remediation actions and report real-time security status of the access and transport of the sensitive information of each CIU.

CIS features

CIS solution operates effectively in your current environment and it scales and lays the foundation for future capabilities with cybersecurity identity management by applying self-signed PKI privacy technology, without the need for CA,  X.509 Certificate path and CRL - a revolutionary new way of providing cybersecurity via a Java-based software solution that works with most operating systems.  

CIS product is designed to work in tandem to uniquely provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions with the following features:
  • Network-based identity system
  • Scalable trusted internet connections
  • Cybersecurity solutions using standard PKI technology
  • Mutual inclusive privacy via self-sign X.509 Cert
  • Continuous monitoring, dynamic risk reporting
  • Real-time security remediation actions
  • Software-based, work with existing hardware
  • JVM-enabled, operate in JVM-enabled devices
  • Flexible deployment, integrated or inter-operated 
  • Patented technology solution for cybersecurity

CIS product offering
  • Confidentiality via encryption, authorization, authentication, continuous monitoring, cloud perimeter security solutions, and VoIP security, all based on, but going beyond, federal and commercial standards.
  • Default versions of these product capabilities or tailor and adapt them to your specific needs. CIS is platform independent and is fully capable of working with your existing solution to enhance your specific security system.

Typical CIS applications
  • Secure enterprise mobility infrastructure.
  • Enable WiFi networks to provide BYOD secure access to network and resources
  • Enable LTE network to provide BYOD secure access to network and resources
  • Secure Unified Communications
  • Secure JDBC connections
  • Replace IP PBX installation to improve VoIP security
  • Replace IPsec deployment to enhance security
  • Secure multimedia communications over LTE or WiFi
  • Secure access to cloud resources and services
  • Real-time monitor, dynamic risk report and mitigate security problems 

CIS business improvement
  • Reduce wireless and wired communications recurrent costs
  • Improve communications by protecting network resources and simplifying network infrastructure to all-IP
  • Decrease communications problems by replacing dedicated TDM circuits, VPN lines and their legacy hardware