Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring presents real-time security status of the access and transport of the sensitive information throughout the connected sites.  The security administrator may take action based on the alarming status report or depend on the monitoring applications for the remediation actions. 

The Challenge

The static security control assessment and manual procedure operations by security administrator in detecting information access security violation and providing remediation are inefficient and ineffective. 

The CIS Solution

The boundary controller solution depends on user's unique identification to monitor and control cloud resource access. A user identity must be registered with their organization's boundary controller so that the user can be authenticated.  And the user identity must be registered with the boundary controller of the cloud provider for the user to access cloud resources.

A user can't access the cloud resources directly. All access requests must be sent to the boundary controller which would validate the user's access right before forwarding the request. boundary controller blocks the unauthorized (not registered) user.

The multiple steps of access verification as described above enable the monitoring and control of the access of the cloud resources. The monitoring data are processed and reported in real-time by Continuous Monitoring application.

The Continuous Monitoring application transforms the security control assessment, authentication and authorization processes into dynamic risk mitigation applications that can provide real-time security status, risk condition configuration and immediate remediation actions including the removal of the information access right and terminating the on-going transport of any secure data.

The deployment of the continuous monitoring capability as described above, around its cloud resources, allows an organization to achieve both a measure of control over the use of those resources and a means for monitoring access to them. The status of the cloud resource access activity is recorded in an encrypted persistent database and made available via real-time continuous monitoring application. The report can alert the security administrator when there is an unusual access behavior and if the risk condition is configured, it can trigger an immediate remediation action.

Benefits and Capabilities

The solution increases visibility in real-time into the operations of the secure information system and provides configurable immediate remediation actions.

The continuous monitoring applications can be configured to monitor global status using distributed configurations or to focus the monitoring activities to a particular site with a centralized configuration as shown in the above diagrams.

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