Network-based Identity product, named Cyberspace Identity System or CIS, operates effectively in your current environment, its network-based identity solution scales and lays the foundation for future capabilities of end-to-end secure applications by applying self-signed PKI privacy technology, without the need for CA,  X.509 Certificate path and CRL - a revolutionary new way of providing cybersecurity via a Java-based software solution that works with most operating systems. 
CIS is designed to work in tandem to uniquely provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions.

CIS allows organizations to form trusted communities based on mutually agreed connectivity, while working together to exclude inappropriate membership and intruders. CIS enhances privacy and security through mutual inclusivity using the PKI privacy technology.

Cloud security

CIS provides the most cost effective and efficient cybersecurity controls for the secure information and communications technology infrastructures.  

CIS creates the boundary controllers as recommended by NIST to monitor and control cloud security perimeters.

The implementation of CIS security perimeter around the cloud resources creates both a measure of control over the use of those resources and a means for monitoring access to them. 

Secure VoIP LTE

CIS enables SIP phone services over public or private IP networks, including IP over LTE or IP over WiFi, securely by means of the NAT firewall devices and provides SIP phone users with privacy protection using PKI technology.

Most remarkable among the product's capabilities is the Distributed Mutual Inclusivity. DMI enhances cybersecurity, provides cloud perimeter security and enables secure wireless multi-media (WiFi or 4G LTE) communications.