SIPbiz‎ > ‎ Products is a cybersecurity software product and services company.  

Our company's software products which include and are based on our patented ICI technology. software product provides network-based identity system solutions that can be proactively built into the information and communications systems to protect their infrastructures to assure confidentiality, integrity, resiliency and availability.

The focus of the product offering, called the Cyberspace Identity System (CIS), is identity management. CIS is based on the PKI X.509 Certificate and the related Internet standards embodied in RFC5280. Like other X.509 applications, the CIS is reliable and secure, but unlike other X.509 applications, our solution is built on a decentralized architecture with distributed key system and doesn't depend on the X.509 Certificate hierarchy and therefore the CIS can scale with the size of the network.

Cyberspace Identity System enhances privacy and cybersecurity protection by
  • building trusted communities of networks based on mutually agreed connectivity and working together to exclude inappropriate membership and intruders
  • continuously monitoring and reporting real-time security status of the access and transport of the sensitive information of each CIS identity. The security administrator may take action based on alarm status reports or depend on the monitoring applications for immediate remediation actions.
CIS Differentiators 

CIS solution operates effectively in your current environment and it scales and lays the foundation for future capabilities with cybersecurity identity management by applying self-signed PKI privacy technology, without the need for CA,  X.509 Certificate path and CRL - a revolutionary new way of providing cybersecurity via a Java-based software solution that works with most operating systems.
CIS product is designed to work in tandem to uniquely provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions with the following features:
  • Scalable network-based identity system
  • End-to-end trusted internet connections
  • Cybersecurity solutions using standard PKI technology
  • Mutual inclusive privacy via self-sign X.509 Cert
  • Continuous monitoring, dynamic risk reporting
  • Real-time security remediation actions
  • Software-based, work with existing hardware
  • JVM-enabled, operate in JVM-enabled devices
  • Flexible deployment, integrated or inter-operated 
  • Patented technology solution for cybersecurity