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Our company's software products which include and are based on our patented ICI technology. software provides cybersecurity solutions that can be proactively built into the information and communications systems to protect their infrastructures to assure confidentiality, integrity, resiliency and availability.

Our cybersecurity solution operates effectively in the current environment and it also lays the foundation for future capabilities with cybersecurity-based identity management by applying PKI privacy technology.

Most remarkable among the product's capabilities is the Distributed Mutual Inclusivity. DMI improves cybersecurity, provides cloud perimeter security and enables secure wireless (WiFi or 4G LTE) communications. The DMI highlights include:

Cyberspace Identity Management cyberspace identity management allows organizations to form trusted communities based on mutually agreed connectivity, while working together to exclude inappropriate membership and intruders. identity management enhances privacy and security through mutual inclusivity using the PKI privacy technology


The distributed attribute of DMI allows the installation to scale. 

Each secure connection is independently established and linked to others in point-to-point, point to multi-point or full mesh configuration. The software does not create any hierarchical structure restriction or architecturally limited scalability.


The mutual inclusivity characteristic of DMI enhances the following security measures:
The secure connection between the sites is trusted because each end of the connection knows the other and agrees to connect. applies PKI technology to provide privacy protection during the connection setup and end-to-end encrypted connections to protect transiting data.
The implementation of security perimeter around the cloud resources creates both a measure of control over the use of those resources and a means for monitoring access to them. VoIP creates all-IP solutions for the WiFi and 4G LTE networks to enable secure global wireless communications via the internet without having to depend on legacy telecom systems such as TDM, PSTN and SS7. 

Typical CIS applications
  • Secure enterprise mobility infrastructure.
  • Enable WiFi networks to provide BYOD secure access to network and resources
  • Enable LTE network to provide BYOD secure access to network and resources
  • Replace IP PBX installation to improve VoIP security
  • Replace IPsec deployment to enhance security
  • Secure multimedia communications over LTE or WiFi
  • Secure access to cloud resources and services
  • Real-time monitor, dynamic risk report and mitigate