Platformless Video Meeting

Large meetings

Invite unlimited number of participants to a meeting.

Long meetings

Engage on meetings without interrupting for unlimited meeting time.

Platformless Communication

Platformless meetings - meetings without a communication platform. The apps send and receive data directly to/from each other using the Internet IPv6 multicast protocol without going through a propriety communication platform. The phone sends data once and they will be delivered to multiple receivers by means of the Internet.

Platform-based Communication

In a platform-based solution, the phone sends data to the platform to be processed including looking up for receivers and then the platform sends the data to them.

No Privacy Protection Needed

With platformless, you never have to provide your identity like phone numbers or email addresses because there is no platform to store them. Your communicating information is also not collected nor saved because of the same reason.

Join meeting safely via invitation

Organize and participate in meetings with only people you know. The meeting organizer creates a meeting key and sends them to the meeting participants using email, text or tweet messages. Only users with meeting key can sign in to participate.