• Their communications are encrypted.

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Join meeting safely via invitation

With ICIsecure, you join meeting safely via invitation - organize and participate in meetings with only people youknow. The meeting organizer creates a meeting key and sends it to the meeting participants using email, text or tweet messages. Only users with meeting key can sign in to participate.

Business Confidential Presentation

ICIsecure2 includes all ICIsecure functions and the ability to share your screen - present documents, slides, and more during your conference call. For example, while hosting a meeting you need to open a presentation deck, you touch the Android Home button, locate the file containing the deck and open it. Your meeting participants will see what you see on your screen.

Non-stop end-to-end encryption

The secure feature built in with ICIsecure and ICIsecure2 are applications of PKI and GCM-AES-256. PKI keypair, public and private keys, are used extensively in securing the app data. When a user signs in the first time, the app generates the keypair to use in identifying and validating user (instead of using name, phone number or email address) and to enable encryption activities such as key agreement and key derivation and to create keys for GCM-AES-256.

Platform-based encryption is also end-to-end, In this platform-base solution the encrypted data has to loop through the platform before it reaches its destination